Irvine Gate Repair

Irvine Gate RepairGates can offer your home a classy look while ensuring that thieves stay away from your property. You can also open and close them while sitting comfortably in your chair by simply pressing a button.

Installation of these types of gates are a very complex and dangerous process. Since these gates are operated by remote control only experienced technicians can install them correctly. Over here at Irvine Gate Repair we can help you with that. Attempting to install automated gates yourself can only lead to trouble and might cause damage to the gate. This is why you can trust Irvine Gate Repair to get the job done right.

If a gate isn’t installed in correctly it would not perform as it is supposed to. Such gates can develop faults pretty quickly and can even stop working entirely in just a few days. Therefore, it is crucial that the installation of the gate is performed by someone who is trained and has prior experience of installing gates.

In addition to installations, our expert technicians also repair gates as well. Since the gate openers have to move the extremely heavy gates they can malfunction from time to time. By hiring us for the job our experienced technicians can fix these issues in no time.

Our technicians have experience in installing and repairing all types of gates while getting the job done very quickly. If you are looking to service or install your new gate simply give us a call and it will be done with ease.

Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Repair Service Irvine CAThe most convenient gate you can install at your home or work place is an automatic gate. Automatic gates help make your life easier. If you want to replace your old gate with the automatic gate then worry not! You can contact us for all your automatic gate repair needs.

We have a huge variety of automatic gates in our warehouses. If you visit us, we can provide you with the highest quality branded and guaranteed automatic gate.

We not only provide the installation services but also provide the gate repair services. Due to our 20-year experience, our company is considered to be the best gate repair company in Irvine. You don’t have to pay any charges to our company as we provide you free estimates and recommendations for your gate openers, gate accessories and intercom system.

Slide Gate Repair

Slide Gate Repair Service Irvine CASlide gate repair is the best option from a safety point of view, but can be a little bit difficult if there is a slope on both sides of your gate. Slide gates can be used for both residential and commercial places for safety purposes.

Our company offers the best quality in slide gate repair, slide gate maintenance, and the installations of slide gates not only in Irvine but also within the region.

Our company has become the first choice of Irvine residents. The people of Irvine are very satisfied with the high quality of our company. The top priority of our company is to provide the best quality products and services at the most affordable cost.

Swing Gate Repair

Swing Gate Repair Service Irvine CAPeople need gates for various types of purposes. Some need them for their house and some need them for their business. This is why we carry a variety so clients can have maximum selection. Swing gates are quite different to other gates in regard to its functions. They can serve well in case of security issues with the residence. These types of gates are generally operated by a gate opener.

Some repair work may be required sometimes if you own a swing gate. Our company provides every possible repair and installation service related to gates. The main issues of swing gates are the hinges. Over time the hinges can become broken or bent because of heavy weight of the swing gates. Garage Door Repair Irvine can adjust any type of swing gates which have defective hinges. The posts of the swing gates can also create problems sometimes since they can also break or bend for various reasons. Improper closing of the gate can cause damage to the posts. The whole gate needs to be disconnected from the fence in order to solve this type of problem.

The swing gate sensors needs maintenance and repair as well. They have to be handled with care if you do not want them to create problems frequently.

You can also operate a swing gate manually if you want. Then you can have an intercom system as well. If something wrong happens to that intercom system, we will be right there receiving your call.

Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair Service Irvine CAAutomatic gates are a luxury feature which you can install at your home or work place. The automatic gates can be easily installed and managed with the help of a remote control. They are considered as luxury items since you can open your gate with convenience.

Our company is well established in automatic gate installations within the Irvine area. We have a large selection in our warehouse in Irvine which contains all high quality brands such as: Lift master, All O Matic, DKS, FAAC, BSL.

Most of these gate openers also come with a manufacturer warranty.

In order to avoid any major loss don’t hesitate to give our office a call. Our company is the only company in Irvine which gives you the top quality services at the most affordable costs.

Gate Sensor Repair

Gate Sensor Repair Irvine CAThe usage of the garage doors sensors and gate sensors are quite the same. Gate sensors are installed along with swing gates, slide gates, and automatic gates for safety purposes. They are equipped with an optical lens that detects any objects that obstruct the path of the closing gate.

You and your family members can live safely with the presence of garage door sensors. Always ensure that they are in working condition by giving us a call when need it be. We are experienced and well-trained in how to handle these problems with gates and sensors.

Gate Intercom Repair

Gate Intercom Repair Service Irvine CAThe main purpose of an intercom system is to provide efficient communication with your guests without having to walk outside. These intercom systems don’t require any cellular service or an active phone line. By installing an intercom system you can be rest assured that your life will be a lot more comfortable at home.

Our company has the experience your are looking for when it comes to installing or repairing intercom systems at the most affordable prices. Our companies first priority is to provide excellent service by giving 100 percent satisfaction to our customers. Both audio and video intercom systems are available within our inventory.

We also provide services for the repair and installation of keypad systems which are used to open the gate when a remote isn’t available. If the gate keypad system gets damaged due to loose wiring or a short circuit from the mother board. Whatever the condition is call us for efficient and good quality services.

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